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Dauntless Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Combat Tips for Beginners:
* Before every hunt, you get a screen which shows the damage types your opponent 
is vulnerable for and which damage type he inflicts. By tailoring your equipped 
weapon and armor to those damage types you increase the chance of a successful 
hunt considerably. You can do that in the loadout screen just before you enter 
the hunt. 

* When fighting a Behemoth there is no need to rush. Once you start pounding on 
it, your instincts might tell you to deal as much damage as possible in the 
shortest amount of time. Instead, you should always be ready to dodge an attack 
from a behemoth. The great thing about dodging is that it puts you into an 
invulnerable state while you are dodge rolling. This means that even though your 
dodge is poor and the behemoth actually hits your character box, it still won’t 
damage you as your dodge action prevents it. Just remember that this 
invulnerability is only active as your character is doing the dodging motions.

* In the upper right corner, there is a danger meter while you are fighting a 
behemoth. This meter goes slowly up during combat, in relation to the damage 
players take and if they go down. Going down means that you “died”, and are in 
a state where you cannot do anything until you either revive yourself or a player 
does it for you. Should you go down in a fight you should first see if your 
fellow players won’t attempt to revive you. And vice versa, quickly move to a 
player with a red cross over them and revive them. However, if the danger meter 
has hit 100% players can no longer revive other players and you need to use your 
self-revive to get back up. The only way to lower the meter is to either drive 
the behemoth away or outright kill it. Of course, the best way to never go down 
is to dodge attacks. If you never get hit you will never go down.

* Take note of the color of the damage you do to a behemoth. The best damage 
type to deal is the yellow colored one as that is damage to a behemoths limb 
which you can cut off if the damage to that limb gets high enough. The second 
type is red which is extra damage you do to a wounded area on a behemoth. The 
blue damage is staggering damage, which can knock-out a behemoth when it gets 
high enough. The least useful damage is the white one as that is just “neutral” 

Behemoth Mastery:
In my opinion, this is one of the most important masteries to advance in as it 
is required to be able to upgrade all armors above +10. for example, to get your 
armor to +11 you need a behemoth mastery of 25. Other benefits are cores, more 
potions, double break parts, added elemental resists, etc.

The fastest way to level this mastery is to complete the first 4 objectives for 
every behemoth in the game. This means that you need to craft every armor piece 
in the game, upgrade them to +6 and preferably to +10 when you can, and use the 
armor of the same type as the behemoth you are fighting 10 times.

For example, if you are up against a Drask, you need to wear Drask armor to 
complete the objective. It is important to note that always you need to wear a 
full set of the specific armor to complete that objective.

You should also attempt to break parts of every behemoth you hunt. The first 
tier of this objective is to break 25 parts, which is easily doable.

After this, it becomes harder to advance in the behemoth mastery. Just continue 
to focus on completing the objectives and try to be patient.
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