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Crisis Brigade 2 Reloaded Cheats

Crisis Brigade 2 Reloaded

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat the First Two Levels:
I love this game. I realize it is difficult but that’s a big part of 
why I love it. It takes some physicality to beat it. I have seen many
posts regarding the difficulty and wanted to offer some tips to defeat
the first two levels.

* Shoot first before taking cover after the Ready,set,Go” prompt. This 
  allows you to clear the first set of enemies quickly.
* Shoot at more than one target on each “volley”. The more and faster 
  you can take out in the first few shots reduces the amount of people 
  shooting at you and the amount of crouching you have to do
* Not all cover options require you to crouch. Use walls where you can.
* Going down to one knee as opposed to crouching can often be just as 
  effective depending on cover height.
* Use both hands on the pistol. It helps steady aim and once you find 
  the sweet spot/hand position it really makes a difference.
* Consider playing on veteran. Rookie mode actually tries to help you 
  aim but I found it actually threw my aim off. On veteran and hell 
  mode you can trust the iron sights
* Drink water. This does get physical after all.
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