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Cricket 97 Cheats

Cricket 97

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: kumayl hassan

Press [Space] to pause game play. Enter one of the following codes:

Code      Effect
starwa  - Faster bowling and scoring by the batsmen.
sari    - Low gravity.
1711    - Stronger and faster bowler, exploding wickets.
121     - View duck on jumbotron.
321     - Low gravity.
111     - Exploding wickets.
323     - Run faster.
131     - Ball is hit harder, bonus runs with each hit.

Submitted by: Gautam

Type the cheat 'sati' and youll find richie b congratulating you for finding
the cheat which gives your batsmen super strength , one hit and viola a six.

Pause the game by pressing the space bar, then type:

starwa - to activate cheat mode, a message like: 'Warp Speed Captain' will
appear and all the bowling and run making by the batsmen will be at 'warp 

Another code once the cheat is activated, and it is entered the same way as
the cheat code, is:

sari - to activate Low Gravity, not too sure what this does. 

This is a cheat code for Cricket97. Pause the game and type 131. This will make
the ball hit harder and mostly all the balls will go for six or four even if you
play defense.

Submitted by: Saptarshi Dasgupta

When someone takes a run and u are bowling throw the ball to the bowler's end
or to wicketkeeper then continue throwing from bowler to wicket keeper and make
sure none intercept the throw u will find the batsman attempting a run and 99% 
times it is a sucidal run so u can run them out easily.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: kumayl hassan

To use all of the following cheats you must first pause the game then type
in the codes:

DUCK CHEAT       : Type in 121 and see what happens!
TURBO RUN        : Type in 323 to make 'em run faster.
EXPLODING WICKETS: Type 111 and see what happens when the batsmen is bowled.
HIT BALL HARDER  : Type in 131. Kerrack. 
MOON CRICKET     : Type in 321 to play with low gravity.
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