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Crazy Machines 2 Cheats

Crazy Machines 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Enter the following codes at the indicated screen to activate the cheat function. 

Result                                 Screen                       Code  
All bonus parts1                      - Game play                  - gimmeall  
Disco at the main menu                - Main menu                  - ilovedisco  
Unlimited reveal hints;
spotlight hints still limited         - Game play                  - frogs  
Unlimited parts for own experiments 2 - Editor mode                - moreelements  
Solve all levels of a chapter with 
a bronze cog 3                       - Experiment selection screen - nokarma1  
Solve all levels of a chapter with 
a silver cog 3                       - Experiment selection screen - nokarma2  
Solve all levels of a chapter with 
a gold cog 3                         - Experiment selection screen - nokarma3  

1.This code cannot be disabled for the current profile and will prevent cups 
  and badges from being unlocked.
2.You can use an unlimited number of parts (overall and of each type). Only 
  use this code for experiments that you are not going to upload online. 
  Labs where experiments exceed the part limit will not be made available for download. 
3.You can only "solve" entire chapters with this code. It is not possible to set 
  the result of a single experiment by doing this. If you use this cheat in chapter 1 
  of the World Journey lab, you cannot get the Perfectionist badge any unless you reset 
  that chapter.
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