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Crashlands Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Because you have unlimited space in your inventory, collect everything 
  possible. You may have a use for those items later.
* Crafting objects such as chairs, tables, and decorations are cosmetic only.

A red indicator will show when enemies are about to attack. Move out of 
the red zone as soon as it appears to avoid damage. You can often run behind
an enemy to avoid damage.

Tackle Only What You Can Handle:
There's no shortage of quests you can complete over the course of the game,
so make sure you're working toward achieving those objectives that make 
sense for your current levels. If you find yourself spinning your wheels in
one location, head elsewhere and gain some strength. Then return and kick 
butt once you've gained additional strength that makes you more capable. 
There's no point in straining if you don't have to.

Avoid the Red:
When you battle foes, red areas will appear that let you know where an 
attack is about to arrive. Make sure to stay out of that area and position
yourself elsewhere, preferably behind your foe so you can safely land a 
few hits before it's time to move again.

Prioritize Resources:
There's all sorts of stuff you can craft in the game, but do you really 
need to? Focus on using your resources to procure bombs, potions, and 
weapons. Ignore the cosmetic stuff unless you have more resources than 
you can imagine every using.

Grab It All:
There's no penalty if you pick up everything you come across, so make 
sure that you do it. Most games would penalize you in some manner, but
in Crashlands, grabbing loot is part of the point. Down the road, you 
may find a use for it, and even if you don't, so what?
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