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Cradle of Persia Cheats

Cradle of Persia

Managing Resources:
Cities require resources to buy them. Make extra matches on the resources you
need to purchase the next city. Finishing levels quickly earns you the resource
the game determines you need the most. Sweet! 
Every 20,000 points gets you an extra life.
Try to link 5 tiles or more to get the maximum amount of points. 

Power ups:
Use fully-upgraded power-ups early so you can have time to refill it. That way 
you can refill it and use it again or save it for the next level. Don't use 
power-ups at the end of a level if possible so you can use it in the next round.
If you only have 1 match to finish a level, match as many power-ups as you can 
and replenish your bonus so you'll have it for the next round.

In the harder levels, make matches in the hard to reach corners first. Hang on 
to your bonuses during the last levels since there is no bonus round to replenish

Break chains before you begin matching; this even applies to the corners. Breaking
the chains before everything gets jumbled may make it easier. Chained pieces will
stay in the same positions until the chains are completely broken. Line up magic 
runes to finish the level automatically. You must do this five times to get the 
"Princess" citizen. 

Tile Movements:
* Moving the tiles the right way fall allows you to make bigger matches and finish
  levels faster. You really need this skill when it comes to the magic runes to you 
  can finish levels automatically. 
* Moving tiles to the right: When you drag the tiles in a row starting from the left 
  and pulling them towards the right the tiles will move towards the right. 
* Moving tiles to the left: Drag the tiles in a row starting from the right. 
* The same goes for the opposite way, if you drag the tiles in a row from the right 
  and you're pulling them towards the left, the tiles will go to the left side of 
  the board.
* If you drag them across the board in a zig-zag pattern the tiles will move in the 
  same pattern you just made. If you started from the bottom and you went up, the 
  tiles will follow the same pattern you just made and will end with the last tile 
  you linked. 
* This will also be useful when you are trying to move a blocked tile that you are 
  trying to free up. 
* Practice makes perfect - just observe the block movements when you drag them around 
  and you'll pick it up.

Double Chains:
Submitted by: E. Prins

When you start with a new level and you have double chains (only the higher levels)
and it feels to be difficult to finish this level, than completely exit the game 
immediately. Start the game again and, so we have discoverd, you'll have single 
chains now! It makes it probably easier to finish the level now. Enjoy your game!

Double Chains:
Submitted by: Gini

Most levels with double chains have only two different resources being chained in 
(e.g. treasure chest and brick). Click on the clover, than on the first item afterwards 
on the other. Now you can match many tiles in long chains in little time with many points 

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