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Conspiracy! Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Some Hints and Solutions in case you got Stuck:
Written by Cherrybomb

Since I found no guides I thought I’d make one.
Below I’ve documented the solutions and how the YouTuber arrived at them.
The first hint reveals where you can find the relevant information
The second goes into more detail.
-=Move to Nevada=-
* Date May 2014
* Hints Field Report, 2014
* came out December 12th and mentions the establishment of the field office 
  was 7 months ago

-=Two Thousand Dead Geese=-
* Date Mar 2015
* Hints Email, 2016
* mentions “last year”
-=Operation Ulysses Established=-
* Date Feb 2014
* Hints Wichita Eagle, 2 14
* Standoff in January, afterwards the task force was founded
-=Team meets Alan Rosen=-
* Date May 2016
* Hints Email, 2016
* ends with “Happy Cinco de Mayo”
-=Aspen attends Bohemian Grove=-
* Date Jul 2016
* Hints Email, 2016
* mentions a gathering in a couple months in Monte Rio
-=Suarez is killed=-
* Date Dec 2017
* Hints Paul Regan Video
* look up when Taylor Swift’s birthday fell on a Wednesday
-=Gentleman Roy’s connection=-
* Date Sep 2016
* Hints Roy Ligget Interview, 2018
* look up Cowboys vs Bears 2016
-=Putting money into mattresses=-
* Date Jan 2017
* Hints Private note, 2018
* mentions that the stores appeared a year ago in January
-=Buying rigged machine in Quito=-
* Date Jul 2017
* Hints Internal memo, leaked
* look up when November 18th fell on a Saturday; 
  the machines were bought “several months” before the memo
-=The El Comercio Article=- 
* Date Nov 2017
* Hints Internal memo, leaked
* look up when November 18th fell on a Saturday
-=CMA Founded=-
* Date Jan 2019
* Hints CMA Podcast
* When did Brian Adams play at the Bell Center
-=Georgia Congressman=-
* Date Dec 2018
* Hints Atlanta Herald, 2018
* mentions ”pre-christmas traffic”

-=Bugging the Limo=-
* Date Jul 2019
* Hints Forum Post, 2019
* look up the Washington power blackout in 2019
-=Winter tells all=-
* Date Jan 2018
* Hints Forum Post, 2019
* W(inter) revealed themselves 20 months before the forum post
-=5G in rural areas=-
* Date May 2019
* Hints CMA Podcast
* the date at the beginning of the podcast
-=Killing the pervert=-
* Date Aug 2019
* Hints Laurie Williams Show,2020
* later than Saint Patrick’s Day that year
-=Disappearing the Server=-
* Date Mar 2019
* Hints Laurie Williams Show,2020
* Saint Patrick’s Day

-=Game Day=-
* Date Nov 2020
* Hints The Basket, 2020
* ”come Game Day in November”
-=Assists the Special Counsel=-
* Date Feb 2018
* Hints Laurie Williams Show,2020
* Aspen assists special counsel in spring of a election year
-=Training Fake Voters=-
* Date Jul 2018
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