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Commander Keen 1 Cheats

Commander Keen 1

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Press [ALT]+2+ENTER during the game to enable cheats.

Code      Result
F10+B  -  Change margin color 1-15
F10+C  -  Change Actives/Non-Actives objects amount in the level
F10+D  -  Record demo
F10+E  -  Finish the level
F10+G  -  Invincibility
F10+I  -  Unlimited objects
F10+J  -  High jump
F10+M  -  Information of memory using
F10+N  -  No clipping
F10+S  -  Slow moves
F10+T  -  Sprite test
F10+V  -  Add 1-8 VLB
F10+W  -  Level select
F10+Y  -  Show secretsteps

other cheatmode:
Keep pressed the letters G O D and you'll be able to 
walk trough enemies and
walls. With the stick you'll can jump higher.

Hold down the keys at the same time.

KEYS             EFFECT
C, T and SPACE   Extra keycards.
F1               Help
F8               Something strange happens.
G, O, D          Enables God Mode. (You will have to enter 
                 this mode every
                 time you enter a city).
SHIFT and TAB    To walk through a city.
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