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Colonization Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Hold [Ctrl] (for the Windows version) or [Alt] (for the MS-DOS) version
and type win during game play to enable cheat mode. In the menus at the
top of the screen (for example, "File", etc.), the menu titled "Cheat" 
will appear. Also, enter one of the following codes at the indicated 
screen to activate the corresponding cheat function. 

Effect                              Screen  Code
Complete all buildings in city      Colony  [Shift] + 1
Town Hall disappears                Colony  [Shift] + 2
$1000                               Colony  [Shift] + 4
100 more of selected cargo          Colony  [Shift] + 5
100 more of selection               Colony  [Shift] + 6
Promote selected colonist           Colony  [Shift] + S
Add up to 31 more colonists to city Colony  [Shift] + T
Entire turn elapses instantly 	Colony  [Shift] + [Space]
Create variety of colonists         Map     [Shift] + [F1]
Display debug information           Map     [Shift] + [F2]
Display full map                    Map     [Shift] + [F4]
Set human player                    Map     [Shift] + [F5]
Kill natives                        Map     [Shift] + [F6]
Advance revolution status           Map     [Shift] + [F7]
View strategy                       Map     [Shift] + [F8]
View colony site ranking            Map     [Shift] + [F9]
Test routine                        Map 	  [Shift] + [F10]
Disable cheat mode                  Any     [Alt] + W

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Unlimited money: Edit COLONY00.SAV
Go to sector 20 
Offset    128-131
Change to FF FF FF 7F

Submitted by: Enigma Question 
Email: tbcat2001(at)

When you are asked for a nationality, take the mouse pointer to the lower part
of the screen, just under Spain or so, and a red square will appear. Click on it
and you will play as a country called "Spring". This is very usefull because as 
Spring you can control the four leading nations at the same time. 
(doesn`t work in version 3.0)

Got some additional cheat info in colonization. These are things you can't find in 
the cheat menu.

After you typed ALT + win You can use the following heys.

SHIFT + 1  Finishes all buildings in a city up to the maximum. 
           If you do this ofter you can have a warehouse in 
           which you store thousands of items
SHIFT + 4  Adds a thousand cash to your treasury
SHIFT + 5  Select any good (guns?) and this will give you 100 extra
SHIFT + 6  Select any good and it will take 100 of it In a city,
SHIFT + T  a new colonist is added.
SHIFT + S  specializes the selected colonist tothe task he is 
           doing. for instance a statesman becomes an elder 

If you're up to some real exciting game open the "names.txt" file. There you can 
alter nearly anything, like the cost of recruiting units and the appearance of the
founding fathers. Put Cortes to 20 in the first position and you'll be able to 
recruit him as the first one. You can also alter the harvest you get from several
terrains etc., so you can for example gather 50 ore from sea water if you want. 
The opponents have the same advantages however so be carefull how to use it. And
of course,you should back up you original names.txt first.

Selling boycott items in Europe:
Go to the ship, select an item, and press U. 

Destroy any object:
Enable cheat mode. Press V to enable view mode, highlight the object to be destroyed, 
then press [Shift] + D
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