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Championship Manager Season 2000/2001 Cheats

Championship Manager Season 2000/2001

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Chris

If your looking for a player with great potential AND ability buy John
Welsh from Liverpool.  He's 17 and plays D/DMRLC. I had him in my 
England side at 18 after just 1 season.

harun hussain, Submitted the following Information:

If you want to win the premiership when you play the next gameimagine
your liverpool and  your man united all u have to do is go to add 
managetr then take control of them and dfo your password and make sure
you remember it ok when u r man u or another team get the goal keeper 
put him up front and do not put no body  in goal.

Submitted by: Wawan

Go to directory Data:
Find and edit file "euro.cfg" and "player_setup.cfg". Now You can get
every player if you like. In "euro.cfg", club from Division Two on every
Euro country can get play in Champion Cup. In "player_setup.cfg", you 
can transfer star player from any club to any club with Bosman rule or
not. Example, Sheva from AC Milan can move to Onasbruck, club from 
German Division Two. 

Easy victory:
Simply take over the opposition's team. Play all the players on the wing,
which results in your team getting a big win. 

Buy FGN players that have European Passports:
In the player and staff search screen, click on "Player Search". Then, 
specify "EU National" under filters. While you are in there type in, 
after the "Text" filter, a country or continent outside the EU. This 
will allow you buy to foreign players that have EU passports such as 
Alexander Mostovoi (who is Russian/Portuguese).

Opponent has no players:
Choose a rival team that you do not like. Add manager, then free transfer
all their players. Instead of clicking "Continue", retire immediately. 
None of the free transfers will be blocked, leaving them with no players.

Player to buy:
Raul Diaz Arce of DC United

Become national coach:
Select country you want to be on the Select League page, then make yourself
that nationality. When it comes up with all the clubs you can choose from, 
click on the bit which has the nation of the club, then go to the top right
side of the screen and Take Control.

Win every Game In selected League:
The day before your next match, take control of the next team you play. On
match day mess around with their tactics and positions e.g. Put a striker 
in goal play the game and if they score, make them have no goalkeeper at 
all. Soon you will find you will win every match of the season.

Any Player you want in English league:
Take control of the team that the player plays for. Now give the player a 
two week fine for no reason, 3 times. The player should be angry at you, 
so the player will want to leave the club. Put a cheap price on the player,
so you don't have to pay full price. Continue normally and you will get the
player. This works in any league.

Good Players:
These players will either be good now or become on of your top stars:

Carl laurie
jermaine defoe
Matthew etherington
Simon davies
Javier Saviola
Luke chadwick
Ian stonebridge
Mark tyler
Martin palermo
Michael ball
Jan koller
John carew

Boss Players:
Buy these players and in the future the will become great signings:

Esteban Cambiasso
Martin Palermo
Kim Kallstrom
Sean Hessey
Alex Notman
Ricardo Carmo
Derek Boateg
Ruben Olivera
Daniel Jensen
Anthony Lurling
Arnold Bruggink
Nuno Coelho
Simon Downer
Clinton Morrison
Michael Ball
Tony Gardner
Jan Vennegoor Of Hesselink
Maximilano Estevez(superb player)
Edson Rolando Silva Sousa
Mark Van Bommel
Rafael Van Der Vaart
Matthew Blackwell
Alexander Alm
Matt Jansen
Marcus Bent
Djair Fernandes Silva
Best team in the world:
Submitted by:  Adrian Seserman

My team after 5 years:

Alex Maninger GK
Taribo West DL
Cosmin Contra DR
Tomy Jonsson DC
Cristi Chivu DC
Joe Cole ML
David Prutton MR
Donati(MILAN) MC
Kennedy Bakircioglu MC
Luca Toni FC
PAul Keegan FC

Abgar Barsom
Phillipe Mexes
Niko Kranjcar
Franco Costanzo
end others but I can't remember their names.
I was manager at Chievo Verona and I played 4-4-2 At.
I won 3 times Seria A, 1 time Italian Cup and UEFA Cup

Keep good record:
You can exit the game without saving if you are losing by pressing 
[Keypad Asterisk]. You now have another chance to win that game. 

Faster matches:
Press [Space] during the game while there is not any on-screen commentary. 
Note: You will also need to repeat this at the start of the second half. 

Easy money:
Start with Juventus and transfer list Del Piero. Lots of clubs will offer
a large amount of money for him (about 30,000,000). Note: Do not accept 
the offers with monthly installments, as some of the clubs will offer 
straight up front.
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