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The Classroom 2 Cheats

The Classroom 2

Submitted by: cool frood

To skip levels you can just right click and on the menu press play

Submitted by: RM

Level  Password
4    - THEPLAN
5    - NOTFAIR
7C   - BRIBE

Go to the back of the classroom and walk up against the wall. You will disappear.

Submitted by: kyle

When on the last level u need stealth just keep moving by the sides of the 
wall and cheating wen u beet the game at the end ur friend trys to shoot u 
but malanie and the other who u cheet off hold guns at him and he points at 
both of them asks u who u wanna see die and u say u! bang then hes dead.

Skip a level:
Submitted by: game hacker

Skip a level: right click and where it says "play" (has to be unchecked to work) 
click on it and it will take you to the next level. It can be used as many times 
as wanted but will only work at the part when you are cheating.

Skip a level:
Submitted by: Red Baron

The play button does not work. Instead right click on the game screen even when you 
are not on the cheating parts. Right click then click on forward.
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