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Civil War Generals 2 - Grant, Lee, Sherman Cheats

Civil War Generals 2 - Grant, Lee, Sherman

Savegame Cheat:
1.Go to the Savegame directory.

2.Edit the .udt file. This contains the statistics of the units
3.There are 5 two-digit numbers in the rows cotaining statistics
  or organization, health, morale, quality and experience. Further
  more there are two digits indicating the number of men in the 
  unit (the first is the initial number of men, the second the 
  present number of men). At the beginning of a battle these are
  easily to find, as the two numbers are obviously the same. You 
  can then edit each of these numbers. The two-digit numbers 
  shouldn't go over 99, the number of men can be edited at will 
  (I didn't try numbers over 9999 men though). Make sure the 
  second number isn't higher than the first, or an error will 

4.Save the edited file and it can be used in battle.

The computer AI is a decent opponent and will vary its tactics from
game to game. It can be fooled, however. Try sending a weaker unit 
to probe a far-off part of the enemy line. In most cases, the AI 
will react to the perceived threat and move unneeded units toward 
that part of the map.

One of the components of the victory conditions is control of certain
hexes. If you are desperate or devious enough, send lone cavalry units
off to occupy those victory hexes for a turn. It's a cheap (and time-
honored) way to win, but all is not fair in war.
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