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Civilization: Beyond Earth Cheats

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Orbitals perks:
The following perks are available to Orbitals after enough research has been done in the Technology 

All-Seer: Dark Networks Protects a city from Intrigue. 
Lasercom Satellite Orbital Networks: 15% city Science bonus. 
Miasmic Condenser Alien Ecology: Generates miasma. 
Miasmic Repulsor Ecology: Clears miasma. 
Orbital Laser Cybernetics: Ranged attacker: 70 ranged Combat Strength. 
Phasal Transporter Cybernetics: Teleports units from friendly cities to areas under its skirt. 
Planet Carver Astrodynamics: Ranged attacker: 120 ranged Combat Strength. 
Solar Collector Photosystems: +1 Energy for tiles under its skirt, +20% Energy creation in cities. 
Tacnet Hub Communications: +20% Combat Strength to friendly units and +5 HP Healing per turn. 

Specialist workers work inside a building's slots, adding to your city's bonuses. 

Artists    : Adds +2 Culture and works on Holosuite, CEL Cradle, and Soma Distillery. 
Engineer   : Adds +2 Production and works on Autoplant, Alloy Foundry, and Node Bank.
Trader     : Adds +2 Energy and works on Thorium Reactor, Petrochemical Plant, Field 
             Reactor, Biofuel Plant, and Xenofuel Plant.
Scientist  : Adds +3 Science and works on Xenonursery, Institute, Gene Smelter, and Nanopasture.
Grower     : Adds +2 Food and works on Cloning Plant, Mass Digester, and Civil Creche.
Unemployed : Adds +1 Production.

How to Get the Free MP3 Soundtrack:
Firaxis promised a free OST to everyone that purchased Civilization: Beyond Earth. Normally, 
there should be a file with the OST in MP3 format. Check your installation location for this folder:

\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth\assets\Soundtrack

If there is no “Soundtrack” file, follow the steps below to extract the free soundtrack from the game 
files. The soundtrack can be found in a non-MP3 form in the installation folder. 
Search this folder to find .ogg soundtrack files:

\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth\assets\Sounds\Streamed\Music

-=How to Extract the MP3 Soundtrack=-
1.Download a free .fpk file unpacker program. 
2.Find your "Civilization: Beyond Earth" installation file and open the folder listed below.


3.Find the file "MiscData.fpk", run the .fpk unpacker and you’ll be able to view the contents.
4.The full MP3 soundtrack is located inside. 
5.Export the files to a folder of your choosing and they should run normally.

Basic resources:
The following basic resources provide the indicated bonus. 

Algae   : +1 to Food. 
Basalt  : +2 to Production. 
Chitin  : +1 to Food. 
Copper  : +1 to Energy. 
Coral   : +1 to Culture. 
Fiber   : +1 to Production. 
Fruit   : +1 to Food. 
Fungus  : +1 to Food. 
Gold    : +1 to Culture. 
Resilin : +1 to Production 
Silica  : +2 to Science 
Tubers  : +1 to Food.

Orbital bonuses:
The following bonuses are available to Orbitals after enough research has been done in the Technology Web:

Orbital                Required tech        Bonus
All-Seer             - Dark Networks      - Protects city from Intrigue.
Deep Space Telescope - Orbital Automation - 25% City Science bonus and discovers "The Signal".
Holomatrix           - Civil Support      - +2 Culture for overseen tiles; cities within range have -50% Intrigue.
Lasercom Satellite   - Orbital Networks   - 15% City Science bonus.
Miasmic Condenser    - Alien Ecology      - Generates miasma.
Miasmic Repulsor     - Ecology            - Clears miasma.
Orbital Fabricator   - Geoscaping         - +1 Production for overseen tiles, adds strategic resources over tim.
Orbital Laser        - Cybernetics        - Attacks with 70 ranged Combat Strength.
Phasal Transporter   - Cybernetics        - Teleport units from friendly cities to overseen areas.
Planet Carver        - Astrodynamics      - Attacks with 120 ranged Combat Strength.
Solar Collector      - Photosystems       - +1 Energy for overseen tiles;+20% Energy Creation in cities.
Tacnet Hub           - Communications     - +20% Combat Strength to friendly units and +5 HP Healing per turn.
Weather Controller   - Climate Control    - +1 Food for overseen tiles; adds basic resources over time.
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