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Circle Empires Cheats

Circle Empires

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The Ultimate Emperor Achievement Guide (with Angie):
Written by Israfene

This is just one way to get the achievement using good luck and 
good old Angie the Adventurer.

-=How to Obtain The Ultimate Emperor Achievement=-
There are multiple ways to get this seemingly impossible achievement, 
but this is the only way that worked for me after I looked up and 
tried different methods. This is a very luck-based and inelegant 
solution, only attempt this if you have no more self-esteem left after 
being repeatedly chased across the XL map by the AI and then 
slaughtered like bleating sheep.

Select Angie the Adventurer. He cannot build nor recruit, but he has 
a decent army right from the start and can blitz the AI as soon as 
the game loads.

Select Imperial Conflict, Nightmare, XS map, and 1 opponent.
Start the game. The AI will be named “Invaders.” 

They need to meet three conditions:
* They need to be next to you.
* They need to be around 700 – 800 strength.
* They shouldn’t have a dragon.

Do this part very quickly! You have mere moments to locate and gauge 
the AI. Their strength will start shooting up in literal seconds.

If the AI doesn’t meet all three conditions, keep restarting. 


-=Attack! Kill Them Go=-
Throw everyone and their grandma at the enemy AI’s gate. Once the gate 
is down, try to select only your catapults (group select is double 
click one unit and hope it registers because sometimes this doesn’t 
work). Have the catapults target towers and buildings while the rest 
of your forces fight. If the enemy has necromancers, try to take them 
out if you can reach them. Protect your ranged units, don’t let the 
AI through your frontline.

After much butt-clenching and frantic micro-ing, you might be 
victorious with enough survivors left for the rest of the map. 
But at least the hardest part is over.

… or is it? My win was embarrassingly bad. I was able to overcome the 
AI but the other circles destroyed all but 2 of my units. In the end,
 I only had 1 wizard and 1 healer left alive while the rest of my army 
was in Circle Heaven. The only enemy units left were these wooden 
towers inside a water circle that I would snipe with my 2 units, run 
out of tower range to heal, and then repeat my cowardly assault until 
all 8 towers were slowly whittled down to nothing, just like my dignity.

Note to self: press the save button once in a while.

-=But What About Mushrooms?=-
I’m not sure if you absolutely need healing mushrooms and monster 
mushrooms to spawn in order to succeed with Angie using this tactic, 
but I know mushrooms were present and utilized in my win.

-=And That’s It=-
It’s definitely not the best solution but I hope it works for you like 
it (barely) did for me. If anything, you can try it out in between 
losing the normal and intelligent way since each attempt will only 
take a few panicky minutes. 
Good luck and get that 100% already.
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