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Chronomaster Cheats


To kill the ketter beast in the palace, first get the soothing
waters at the pool(the fat man can be get rid of by putting a 
bottled time into the pool Contain it in the bowl that can be 
bought from the old woman in front. Give the ketter beast this
soothing waters and it will die.

Developer reference:
Go to the Docks Casino in Dyce and use the "Look" command on the aliens 
waiting in a line. Their names are actually those of some of the developers,
appearing backwards. They correspond to the following people: 

Nod     : Don Wuenschell
Bekim   : Mike Breitkreutz 
Pir     : Rip Jaffurs 
Tocs    : Scot Noel 
Mik     : Kimberly A. Haines 
Nekim   : Michael Nicholson 
Enaj    : Jane Yeager 
Ynot    : Anthony Mollick 
Guod    : Doug Ceccarelli 
Nosaj   : Jason Johnson 
Eneg    : Gene Kohler Jr. 
Eimaj   : Jamie McMenamy 
Kevad   : David P. Kubalak 
Wevad   : David Wells 
Regiarc : Craig Mrusek 
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