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Command & Conquer - Tiberium Dawn Cheats

Command & Conquer - Tiberium Dawn

Submitted by:: Spark Tcy

Build up your base and use the engineers to steal NOD or GDI construction yards. 
Trust me it works really well im a C&C fanatic!

General Strategies:
By David "DaveOneX" Parunakyan

This guide explains how things should be done in Tiberian Dawn. This includes base 
buildup and management, defense setup, achievement of combat leadership and attacks
on hostile bases.

The first thing you will have to do is to build your base. 

I recommend the following scheme of building your base: 
* Power Plant 
* Barracks/Hand of Nod 
* Tiberium Refinery 
* Advanced Power Plant 
* Weapons Factory/Airstrip 
* Communications Center 
* Service Depot 
* Weapons Factory/Airstrip 
* Advanced Power Plant 
* Tiberium Refinery and several Tiberium Silos 
* Advanced Communications Center or Temple of Nod 
* Several Helicopter Pads 
* Base defensive perimeter 

While building all this, keep in mind the following tips:
1. Build several defensive structures once you already have something to protect.
2. Place Tiberium Refineries close to Tiberium fields so you harvest Tiberium faster.
3. Always build a second Harvester for each refinery.
4. Surround your vital structures, such as the Construction Yard, with walls if the enemy is 
   likely to send Engineers.
5. Place your Airstrips closer to the eastern side of your base so cargo is delivered faster.
6. Make sure you protect your Weapons Factory properly, because it is very vulnerable.
7. Don't build too many Tiberium Silos, because you are likely to spend money faster than 
   you get Tiberium in quantities required to store.
8. Build your Helicopter Pads close to each other so your aircraft attack enemy targets 
9. While building your defensive perimeter, don't make the passages too tight so your army 
   can get out of the base, but don't make them too wide either, so the enemy cannot rush 
   into your base. Besides, make sure there are no weak points in your perimeter.
Now that you have your base up and running, attend to the battles around it. I recommend 
sending out scouts and revealing a large portion of the map so you are always aware of what
your enemy is doing. Besides, always keep medium strength groups on the major routes to your
base so they engage the attacking enemy first.Another important thing is to engage the enemy
where you want and not where the enemy wants. If your units are faster, hit and run the enemy
force until you bring them to your chosen point. If your units are slower but have more 
firepower, either try to surround the enemy, or move your whole army in a single tight group
against the enemy force. What regards choosing places to fight your enemy -- if your opponent
has fewer vehicles than you (quantity is important), try moving through tight places and then
coming around, blocking the enemy in the valley and methodically destroying it. If you don't 
have many vehicles, try withdrawing to the entrance into your base, because then the enemy 
will have to engage more hostiles, including your defensive structures.

If you are trying to attack the enemy and he sends out a group of units to counter you, try 
doing one of the following things: if you have units with superior range, try bombarding enemy
units from afar, forcing them either to withdraw, or to approach you. If your units have no 
long-range weapons, but some of them have a high speed, launch a high-speed assault into the 
enemy base to distract the enemy, and then move in your heavy armor.
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