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Causality Game Cheats

Causality Game

Lvl 3:
Submitted by: Skye

First, you will click on the search light. A man  will walk away and knock down a barrell. 
He gets up and then walks toward two barrells stacked on top of each other. When he wallks 
by, click on the top barrell. IF you time this perfectly, he will be smashed. Soon, a car 
will come by. AS SOON as the stick thing lifts up, click on the big cord that runs from  
that small building to the ground. The car will smash into the big stick thing and drive 
right into the barrell the man before had knocked down. The car will then blow up. A man 
will start walking, and then another man coming from between the 2 big green tent things. 
He has a gun. You must then click on it, and it will go off. The guy who was walking would 
go over to him. Next to the big green tent thing on the right, there are yellow boxes. 
Click the one that is on top. The man who has the gun will throw a bomb over to the yellow 
boxes. Now, you can sit back, and watch the magic happen. And then POOF! YOU WIN!
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