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Calico Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Recipes List:
Written by Pixeltier

A list of all recipes in Calico.

Donut - buy from cathuman Oliver - needed for a quest
Roll Cake - from Blossom (quest)
Cookie - buy from Estelle - you need it for a quest
Cubcake - basic recipe you get from the start after talking to the Mayor Kiva
Cinnamon Roll - Quest gift
Flan - you get this from Kiva after helping her
Boba Tea - from Sunny after completing a quest

Coffee - basic recipe you get from the start after talking to the Mayor Kiva
Bread - buy from cathuman Oliver
Croissant - buy from Estelle - needed for a quest
Bagel - buy from Estelle - needed for a quest
Muffin - buy from cathuman Oliver
Scone - buy from cathuman Oliver
Sandwich - you get it after making a croissant for Poppy (quest)

Cheesecake - buy from cathuman Oliver
Macaron basic recipe you get from the start after talking to the Mayor Kiva
Cream Puff - buy from cathuman Oliver
Taiyaki - from Lumi after Capybara Quets
Tart - you get this from a quest
Cornet - buy from cathuman Oliver
Cake - buy from cathuman Oliver or Estelle (apears rare in the shops)

* Many recipes can be bought from Oliver or Estelle.
* They have chaning objects in their shops.
* Sometimes it can take many days until a recipe apears in their shop.
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