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Bubble People Cheats

Bubble People

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Enable Enable Clicklock:
Written by Marina

Save some stress on your hand and wrist while playing Bubble People
You can easily configure your mouse to hold a left click on its own 
without downloading any additional software. Just follow these steps
on your Windows computer

* Open your computer's control panel by searching for "control panel"
  in your computer’s search bar.
* Use the search bar in the control panel window to look up "mouse".
* Click on the link that says "Change mouse settings".
* A settings window will pop up on the screen–Select the first tab 
  called "Buttons".
* At the bottom there's an option to enable "ClickLock", just check 
  this box and save your settings.
Once this is done you can activate ClickLock by holding down your left 
mouse button for a few seconds and then let go. You should be able to 
move your cursor around the screen and “click” on objects without 
actually needing to hold the mouse button down yourself. Just click 
your mouse button a single time to return the mouse to its original 
TIP: You can adjust how long you need to hold down the mouse button 
before ClickLock activates in the same settings window where you enabled
ClickLock in the first place. Configuring the feature to require a 
longer click will prevent you from enabling it by accident.

Hope this helps!
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