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Brutal Orchestra Cheats

Brutal Orchestra

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by embercoral

Pearl, for instance, can make stocky shields to mitigate damage. Longliver 
can do pretty good damage using only 1 purple pigment, as long as youíre 
willing to take damage in the process. I wouldnít rely on the bleed-inducing 
skill refreshing his actions with something so time-sensitive.
Certificate of Exemption and All That Is Mortal allow party members to use any 
pigment for their abilities. However, the certificate will be destroyed if damage 
is received from other sources, and ATIM will prevent any healing.
Anton can scramble pigment colors so that there isnít so much purple all 
the time.
While Trenchfoot does guarantee you gaining a blue pigment after each attack, 
it only works if thereís free slots for it.

Lump of Lamb can give you 2 Griffins! Thatís double the potential for boosted 
damage, which could make the Ungod die even faster.
Gospel can also act like a second Griffin, being able to refresh Griffin using
purple pigment if heís directly left of the statue.
Blackened Toad sucks out all the purple pigments and exchanges them for damage 
on the Ungod. At 2HP a pop, thatís not a bad trade-off.
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