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Bowja 3 - The Fall Of Yokai Cheats

Bowja 3 - The Fall Of Yokai

Submitted by: RM

-=Area 1=-
Click the lamp to destroy it. Then click the boxes. When the ninja is on 
ground, click the boxes again to throw them on the purple ninja. Open the
chest to receive the grapnel. Then click on the wood above you to climb up.
Then click the danger can to expel flamable liquid. Click the fire to blow 
up the place so that the purple ninja falls down. Then climb up. 

-=Area 2=- 
Click the stick under the purple ninja, the first one to jump on it. Then 
the second one and at last the third one. Then click the long pipe and when
the ninja has jumped on it, click the other pipe to the left of the one youí
re on to climb down and to it. Click on the diagonal roof to the left of the
pipe youíre standing on, to walk there. Click the first end of the black wire
to releases it and come to the ninja. Then click it again to climb a little 
up. Then click the open window below the purple ninja. 

-=Area 3=-
Click the white with red lines roof. Then click on the bell to confuse the 
purple ninjas and make them fight. HAHAHA. At the end, in their fight, they
will both fall in the well. Then click the boxes to proceed down. Click the
bell wire and then fast click the well to hide. When the two ninjas has 
passen you, click the door they came out from. 

-=Area 4: The Boss=-
There are five flames firing. Click on all of them to blow their fire of. 
Then it is dark, so the boss canít see you. Click the beautiful blue light
thing on the end of the stage. You will destroy the boss. Congratulations! 
We made it, we defeated the boss, together.
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