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Boppin Cheats


From the main menu :
        [Ctrl] [V] - Slide show of all episodes
                     (Use arrow keys and [Esc])
        [Ctrl] [T] - sound testing dialogue

During gameplay :
        [Ctrl] [B] - display the mystery spot
        [Ctrl] [L] - moves you to the next level, costs a life
[Shift] [Ctrl] [L] - moves you back a level

During gameplay, the following are available provided the password
"TOYS" is given to activate them.  (Registered version only)
       [ctrl] [F]  - go to the final battle for the episode
       [alt] [H]   - delivers one maximum hit during the final battle
       [ctrl] [F5] - add one credit to player one (nine maximum)
       [ctrl] [F8] - add one credit to player two (nine maximum)
       [1] or [!]  - set lives for player one to zero
       [2] or [@]  - set lives for player two to zero

In v1.1 of Boppin, the command line parameter "blood" may
be used to access the violence mode from v1.0.
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