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BlazBlue: Central Fiction Cheats

BlazBlue: Central Fiction

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlock Susanoo:
When you complete the basic Story mode (you are not obligated to do any of the 
sub stories or gag reels) you will unlock Susanoo as a playable character.


Easy "Favorite Color!" Trophy:
This Trophy becomes unlocked when you purchase additional character colours. This 
can be done in the Game Item section of the Item Shop were there are additional 
colours and an extra costume for Noel. If you buy one characterís additional colours 
for 2000P$ (Platinum dollars) you will get this trophy.

Easy "Bookworm" Trophy:
At the end of each fight in Story mode you gain EXP to your equipped Grimoire, once 
the Grimoire gets to itís maximum, the Trophy will become unlocked.

Easy "Don't Forget the Extras" Trophy:
To unlock this Story mode Trophy you have to view every substory, including the Gag 
reels. The following is a list of the chapters that you need to clear in order to get 
the substories:
Episode 2: Chapter 7
Episode 2: Chapter 10
Episode 5: Chapter 36
Episode 5: Chapter 38
Episode 8: Chapter 62
Episode 8: Chapter 63
Episode 9: Chapter 73
Episode 10: Chapter 80
Episode 10: Chapter 86

Unlock Stages and Themes:
Completing Story mode will unlock more stages and themes.

"Blue" Stage:
Complete Story mode.

Another Version of Sight of Godís Stage:
Complete Story mode.

Forbidden Gate Stage:
Complete Story mode.

Hakaishin Theme:
Complete Story mode.

Re: Idol Stage
Complete Story mode.
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